Sunday, February 13, 2011

Purple and flowers something that I just like making

By now you probably noticed that I love flowers and purple and butterflies. So I'm usually inspired by this themes, and for this one there was no exceptions =).
I love it, though my mother said that the pendant is too big, but I laughed at her because she was speeches when I told her that this was sold the minute I published pictures of my new creations on Facebook.


  1. Cool! I love purple, flowers and butterflies too! Could you do a tutorial on how to make these please? I'd really like to know how to make such amazing jewelery like this! :)
    Bex XxX

  2. Bex-4-ever, thank you. What would you like to see, only the pendant or the whole necklace? I don't promise that it will be a good tutorial, since I'll make it in pictures not as a video =).