Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flowers again

I haven't made anything from polymer clay more than a month, but hopefully tomorrow I'll sit behind the table and make some necklaces that I'm planning to make, and probably tutorial that I owe to Bex forever .
Despite I haven't been making anything lately, I have still some things to publish. And by the title you all know that it will involve flowers again =).
I can't help it, I'm inspired by flowers =)

Like it?

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring collection part 1 and apology to Bex-4-ever

Hi ledies. Long time no post, but that doesn't mean that I don't have anything to post, it just means that I've had a lot of other thing on my mind

But before I start trashing with pictures I would like to say sorry to Bex-4-ever, because I promised her, that I am going to make a tutorial on how to make a pair of flower earrings and a a necklace, but I still haven't. So bex-4-ever, I'm really sorry about that, but I've had a lot of other thing on my mind for the past 14 days, and because of some complications around my necklaces I lost my passion for creating jewellery, so I don't know when I will fell inspired  again, but as soon as I will, I will  start with the necklace and the flower earrings.
Again, I'm really sorry

Now to the pictures of necklaces that were made quite a while ago:

Can you see Meggies's head on the picture above?

What do you think about them? I like all of them, but I just love the first one so I decided I'm keeping this one for myself.
Which one is your favourite from this post?
Don't worry I have a lot of pictures to publish =)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

another pink inspiration

I love the final look, though I think it is too pink for my style, but since I'm making necklaces for a big spectre of people, this one might be just the right amount of pink.
 I used decoupage for the pendant.

2 flowers in the sky =)

I really don't know how would I describe this combination, it reminds me of something happy, fresh and young =). I know, I know I'm weird  =).

Purple and flowers something that I just like making

By now you probably noticed that I love flowers and purple and butterflies. So I'm usually inspired by this themes, and for this one there was no exceptions =).
I love it, though my mother said that the pendant is too big, but I laughed at her because she was speeches when I told her that this was sold the minute I published pictures of my new creations on Facebook.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Something for me only

I've made a lot of necklaces, but I never made something only for me, something that will express how I feel, what I like, something that will be only mine, but I think I finally made it. 
Here is the picture:
The blue flower earring from previous post were made for me too, so I could wear them with this necklace =)
What do you think? Does it really expresses me?

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Earrings II

Here is some more earrings that I made. I just love the blue ones. What about you?

Earrings I

Here are some earrings that I recently made:

Friday, January 28, 2011

another teal faliure

This one is also from project Don't use black!
The base should be more greenish teal, I really can't take teal pictures. And I really hate that!

Textured silver

Sorry for spamming, I have only 2 posts to publish. I really want to publish all the necklace that I made so that the winners of my GA will have a lot to chose from. 

I used silver and black polymer clay and rubber stamp

another rose =)

I used the perly clay that I had left from a necklace published a few post ago. I used black to combine it together. 

Sorry for the crappy pictures
This one is quite similar to the one in the previous post. 
I used purple polymer clay, and also mixed purple with white to get lilac =)
What do you think? Did the project Don't use black work?
This one was also made in my last fimo attempt. When I set myself a goal that I won't use any black.
I really love this one!
I used ruby red and green fimo.
Isn't it just adorable?

Swirly earrings

I really think that there is no need for a detailed description.
I'm sorry for the white spot in the left earring, something must have sneaked on it when I was taking pictures =)

Purple mica shift

I used a mixture of purple and pearl Fimo. Than I used rubber stamp, and than cut the excess of. This is what I got.
I really like the depth the mica shimmer gives to the necklace. It really looks 3D though, the pendant is 2D

Monday, January 24, 2011

Another blue necklace

Shimmery blue polymer clay with stamped flowers:

Blue earrings and necklace

Here are blue earrings that I made quite a while ago:
They go really well with this necklace:
What do you think of it?

Blue rose

Here is another creation of mine:
I use blue and black polymer clay and a rubber stamp with black ink =)
Like it?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another positive combination, with asymmetrical  touch =)

positive vibrations

I realised that I use black too often, so I tried really hard and find this IMO really good color combination. 
I used skinner blend for the flower petals.  

Is it only me, or this colour combination really gives out A LOT of positive energy?
Sorry for the crappy pictures =)

Music is my life

This is one of my latest designs. I had a mission, to make something that doesn't look to elegant and it is green. I also decided that it must not include floral design =)
This is what I ended up with:
I might try to do something in the same colour and write on it music is my life and also try to include headphones . Do you think that is a good idea? 
How do you like it ?

Friday, January 14, 2011

Mtaching earrings

I also made Earrings that match to the necklace from my previous post
The earrings:

Only beads

I think that the title says it all. I used black and glittery red fimo for this one

Here is how it looks :

U broke my heart

Items used:
-black fimo
-black and red acrylic paint
- crackle medium
I really like the crackle effect on the pendant =)
Do you like it too?

pearly rose

I used a mixture of black and pearly fimo and combined it with black. I also made texture by using a dotting tool. 
Here is the final look:
I know another black and something combo, but I really like combining black, because I don't like white.

Mica shift again

Another mica shift pendant that I did. I used silver and black Fimo. I used silicon stamp.
 a pendant from another angle 
sorry for the bad lightning on the last photo
Do you like the final look?