Sunday, April 17, 2011

Flowers again

I haven't made anything from polymer clay more than a month, but hopefully tomorrow I'll sit behind the table and make some necklaces that I'm planning to make, and probably tutorial that I owe to Bex forever .
Despite I haven't been making anything lately, I have still some things to publish. And by the title you all know that it will involve flowers again =).
I can't help it, I'm inspired by flowers =)

Like it?


  1. fantastično!!!
    prije par godina sam se igrala s fimom i napravila si neke naušnice ali nisu ni sjena tvojim radovima :-/

  2. These are some amazing pieces... and in June I planning to host a giveaway and I think this would be perfect as one of the prizes!
    And I can;t believe you made them - so talented!

  3. Those are absolutely wonderful! They're gorgeous! - I would totally wear them! :) Great work! I really love them!
    Great blog post!
    Bex XxX

  4. Absolutely beautiful :) I love them all and I would totally wear them all :)

    P.s Im a new subscriber :)

  5. wow really like!!!

  6. wow so pretty.............. love the simple knots ....

  7. They are unique!!! Greetings from Bulgaria!